Anna Maria Kiessecker

Clyde Fechser
Faye Boyden
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Clyde Fechser
Faye Boyden
Cleveland Brown
Wilmirth Brown


Anna Maria Kiessecker was born 26 October 1792 in Aufdersch, Hardismulle, Nassau, Wuerttemberg, Germany. In 1814 she married, Johanh George Sporer. They were later divorced. Anna Maria later met Johann Georg Fechser. They are the parents of Johann Frederich Fechser, who came to Utah. Anna Maria died March 4, 1863 in Hamburg, Germany.

Information on the name or names of Keesecker from the International Great Register, Band German II.

Keesecker is the name of a German family from the early 15th Century. The family was born in Altoona near Hamburg. The ancestors from this family came in the 14th Century from Schkowig Holstein (North German Province). The National Register states that many members of this family through courage, heroism and trust received many great honors from the State (Germany). The family later split and moved to different provinces of Europe & also split up the name. (Kleseker, Keesecker, Kiesecker, Kuseeke, Keesecka) In the year 1671 the honor and bodyguard of the Kurfurst (son of the king) Johannes A. Keesecker was presented with the Medal of the Golden Sword & family crest for heroism & honor in the fight for his country in the 30-year war. In the battle with the Swedish Occupation Forces, J.A. Keesecker again received and honor.

Later many of the family moved to places like Holland, England, Switzerland, and France. The last Keesecker known to have left the continent was Nikelaus B. Keesecker who moved to North America in 1809. He was a ship builder.

Description of the Keeseker Crest

Divided top half red with a golden sword. Bottom half, a white lily & a green band. Dark red, gold, & silver banners surrounding the shield. A silver helmet of Coltish style with red & black streamers & decorations. The headgear has double horns with dark blue & gold interchanging. Also a jeweled crown is set on top of the helmet.

Keeseker Crest
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