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Faye's Memories

Written February 3, 1975 - Tape recorded and transcribed by Janet Brown Sorensen

The first thing that I seemed to remember of my Grandparents James and Mary Meredith Bowler Boyden is when they were on their farm in Wallsburg (Wasatch Co) Utah. They were from England (Staffordshire). Two missionaries came to their home and converted them, they then prepared to come to Utah for the Gospel, left their families in England and came over on the ship Wyoming in June 1879 when their 3rd child Elizabeth was one month old.

They settled in Provo on the corner of 100 West and 3rd North where Sears store is now.

They were very staunch members of the Provo 4rth Ward. Grandma was Secretary to Relief Society for many years. The presidency picture hangs in the Pioneer museum in north Park Provo.

They had a small house on the corner then they bought a larger house next to it and lived there until they moved to Wallsburg about 1911. Then Uncle Tab moved into the house and lived until Sears bought it.
I was born in the little house on the corner lived there until I [was] 6 months old. My folks bought the home and lot on 4rth North and 100 West. We still own it. Uncle Doren's house which they bought from my parents.

My Grandparents lived in Wallsburg until they both died. Grandma in 1922. Grandpa in 1930. The had a real homey home with an upstairs in it. When we would sleep there you could hear the crickets sing and the water out side swish by. Grandpa had a real farm with everything on it. A spring that they piped the water into the house. But an outside toilet house. He had milk cows that had to be milked morning and night. He sold the milk and cream to a dairy that would come around often. They made their own butter, range cattle that would be sold to markets for beef and they had their own beef for table use. Many sheep that had to be sheared each year and would sell the skins to make wool material. They would have their own lambs and muttons to eat. I have watched them slaughter many animals for home use.

The scraps from the table plus other food would be used to feed the many pigs he had. Plus chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese that would wander all around, riding horses, and work horses. He grew hay, barley, oats and wheat, and a big vegetable garden with different berries also.

In the fall he would load up the wagon with his wheat and I would usually go with him over to Midway to a flour mill and have the wheat ground into white and whole wheat flour and some cereal all this was stored to last for a year.

I remember two white dogs that they had and he named them both Guess. They loved grandpa. They would do any thing for him. He taught them many tricks. People would ask him what their names were and he would say 'Guess', and they would guess different names. He would get a big kick out of this. He also had a big black dog named Bob. The dogs would round up the milk cows and bring them into the barn when it was time to milk them. They were very English and you knew they would stop and have their tea and goodies at 10:00 and 4:00 pm.

Our farm was next to theirs so when we were home we would plan to visit them at this snack time and we would always have a snack with them. Then my Grandma's sister came from England and lived with them. Aunt Jane Bowler Weaver. Her husband had died and her two boys had married so my Grandparents had her come over. She was company for them when Grandma died she stayed and cared for Grandpa.

After their death Aunt Sarah Boyden Boshard, their daughter bought the farm and lived there. Then sold it to a family named Dukes. They built a new home in front of the old one. It was never kept up after Grandpa's death as well as he did. He had beautiful trees and grass and took pride in [the] farm.
My father told me when he was born and until Grandpa moved to the farm, that Grandpa had two small farms one up by the State Hospital and one west by the railroad tracks between Center and 100 North.

One day when my father was little he went with his father to cut hay. He was sleepy so he laid down in the hay and Grandpa didn't see him and the knife that cuts the hay went right over him and cut his clothing. Wasn't he lucky. Grandpa was so frightened that he was afraid that he had really cut him up.
When my father was eight years old my Grandpa was called on a mission to England so he went. He baptized my Grandma's sister Elizabeth and others. My father had to quit school and work to help Grandma. They lived in Provo then. She took in boarders to help. When they came from England they had three girls, Sarah, Polly, and Elizabeth, and my father, and Uncle Tab were born in Provo. Uncle Tab's name is really Thomas Alma Boyden, his initials are TAB so that is where he got the name Tab. His mother always called him Alma though. I remember my Dad used to tease them because they always put an H before their vowels like H-eggs for eggs. H-arm for arm.

Oh, yes he grew some sugar beets. In his lower field was our swimming pool. My father made it larger and put a diving board on it. It was just a larger place in a creek. We had lots of fun there in the summer. The neighbors next to us would swim there with us. I really enjoyed my Grandparents. They had a small hill behind their home and over this hill was their small farm. Beyond this farm was my Grandpa and Grandma Lockhart's farms. They had children some our ages and others older.

My mother's mother died in childbirth when mother was four years old and Uncle Burt her brother was two. The children lived with their Grandparents Youngs until Grandpa married Grandma Jeannette Graham. They had ten children. Grandpa and Grandma came from Scotland in 1879 and moved to Provo then later to this farm in Wallsburg after my father and mother were married. About the time I believe my folk's did. There is a history written about them in my book.

But some of the things I remember they had all kinds of animals, fowl, sheep, dogs, cats of course. The two oldest boys Dan and George used to tease us a lot when we were little. They would get us and rub their whiskers on our faces and we would yell and get back on their knees again. When they left for the war, World War I, was a sad day. They were both killed the same day one [George] on the battle field, and Dan was called out of the front lines to go on a[n] errand and was killed. They were the only two boys killed in that war. A monument stands for them in Midway called the Lockhart monument. Other names have been added for those killed in World War II and other wars since.

They rode horses to school because they were two and a half miles from school. We used to ride our horses along with them. Then they bought a home in town just across the road from school and on the same block as the church and across the street from the store.

In the cold stormy days of school we would go in a covered sleigh to school and go to Grandma's for lunch and she would always have something hot to eat. They had a barn where we would leave our horses. She would make onion porridge as we called it. It is creamed onions, we would eat it over toast on potatoes. I can taste it now so good. They were very good to us. Their children were like brothers and sisters to us. Especially the younger ones because we were the same ages.

The only one we called Uncle was Mother's brother Uncle Burt who is now about 88 years old. His children spent a lot of time at our home all through our growing up in Provo and on our farm in Wallsburg. My father, your Grandpa had one of the best kept [home] yards, farm in the county.

Faye's Journal

Sunday, September 25, 1977
Sunday School, attended Genealogy class. Fast and Testimony meeting. Drove to Salt Lake to visit with Elaine, Dee and family. Hadn't visited with them all Summer. Really enjoyed every minute. Gayle was preparing a talk for a school election. She was running for class secretary. She and Elaine were making a poster also.
Gayle is growing so a beautiful girl, her hair was beautiful. I enjoyed seeing Larry. I must see them more often and become more involved.
Dee gathered several kinds of vegetables from their garden and gave me a trout now I am set for a week for groceries with my storage in other commodities. I drove home feeling so good in spirit. A lovely day.
Monday, September 26th
My father's birthday. He would be 95 years of age today and my mother 94. Oh How I miss them. They were my idols. They loved us and their grandchildren always interested in their lives and activities.
Relief Society meeting a very interesting meeting out last this time on Genealogy. Given by Sister Mary Day. I love to do this work. I need to pray and fast more about this subject because it seems that I have come to a stand still point.
I am so happy that all my children are interested in it also. Joyce is very much so. Spends one or two days a week at the Library and with Diane.
I love each of my children and grand children to soon will be a great grandchild. I want them to know that I have a strong testimony of this work and know that the Gospel is true. The only true gospel on earth.
Home evening at Bernice Rowes.
September 28th
Spent a lovely and inspiring session at the Temple.
September 29th
Went through a session at the temple with Josephine Smith, a friend from the ward. While in Chapel President Gunther talked to the group about some of minutes of the saints in Nauvoo that he had read in the archives in Salt Lake. Most interesting I want to read them and relate them to my children.
Did some sewing and shopping - making a hanger to put paper bags in for Leda Larson's birthday on October 4. A very dear friend. She has weathered me through many a day.
In the evening Leora Hansen a friend in the ward went to the first class of a series on U.S. history and the constitution. Most rewarding. To hear about other countries and government and leading up to the settlement of the U.S.
September 30
Expecting Alan, Colleen, and Cappy down from Jill Field to attend the B.Y.U. New Mexico football game this evening. I am going with Bernice Rowe as her guest.
October 1
They came and stayed all night left this morning to work on David's car. General Conference.
October 2
General Conference. Elaine, Gayle, and Wendy came and had dinner then we listened to conference. They left for home I went to Sacrament Meeting then Martha Twelves and I went for a walk. I walked 33 blocks total this day.
October 3
Relief Society this morning. A group of us went to the luncheon that the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers had at 2:00 pm. Ines Miservy and I went to the ceramics class at the Senior Citizens . This evening attended Home evening at Denas. Walked 6 blocks. A full lovely day.
October 4
Had a nice phone call from Joyce talked for half hour she is so good to call me. Today is Leda's birthday taking her a gift. Maybell called and we had a nice long talk on phone. She has been in California for a month. I have been up.
October 14
About 10:30 pm Joyce called and told me about Diane and her surgery on her back.
October 15
Walked 14 blocks with Martha.
October 16
Sunday. Attended Sunday School (Genealogy class). On the way home with Bernice Rowe we decided to go to the hospital and have lunch and then visit. We visited Mrs. Fetzroy (89 years), Lana Brown (a ward member). Lunch room was closed so we ate at Harmon's Chicken (good).
Called Joyce's and talked to Karen. Joyce was bathing the baby. Karen said, that Diane could move her toes and leg some.
I am leaving for Sacrament meeting then later for a walk.
Talked with Susan. They hoped to be in their new home by October 29th.
Joyce called and said that Diane was some better and had her baby for a while today.
October 17th
At Relief Society, I was asked to tell the story in the magazine on excuse making.
Leora and I paid a visit to Sister Mary Ruff and Alene Simmons in the Utah Valley Rest Home in Orem.
I attended the ceramics class in the Eldred Center. I really enjoy going and relaxing and visiting and painting.
Came home and shampooed my hair. Went to Home Evening at Laura's. Had a nice letter from Clyde and Leah Smith they are on a mission in Pennsylvania.
October 18-21
Spent at Joyce's helping with Diane and baby Jed. Help take Jed to the Hospital each day and stay with Diane while rested or shopped.
Diane was feeling much better when I came Friday. Spent a couple of hours in Library. Came home and went to the opera (Tascow) at B.Y.U.

Written January 1978
I spent the Christmas and New Year in Missouri with Susan, Jim, and five children. Stayed with them for three weeks. Enjoyed every minute there. Jim being Bishop of the Ward and putting the finishing touches on their new chapel (their first one).
The dedication took place on the 15th of January. What a happy people they were. Up until there they had been meeting in Base Chapel about 10 miles from their new home.
Thanksgiving time of 1977. Jim and Susan had moved into their beautiful home that they help build a three story level home. I was so very proud of their home.
I had spent a Thanksgiving with them in their other home about two years before.
Joyce, Wayne's and family, Allan, Colleen, and family spent part of Christmas day with Dee, Elaine and family. Had dinner and opened gifts. There they all went to Joyce, Wayne's home and had Joyce's special Christmas soup after visiting some more, returned to their homes.
Joyce and Elaine's and Gary's birthdays were celebrated over 27, 29th of January. Gary on last leg of his mission in Japan.
February 1978
Gary was asked to stay on his mission for another month.
March 1978
Gary returned from his mission about 3rd of March. We all went to the airport to meet him. Returned home and Joyce had a nice dinner in his honor. He said that he felt guilty eating so much because food was light over in Japan. He really looks good to us.
9th All the families attended his Welcome Home. He gave a really good report.
11, 19th, 21, 22 birthday dates. Gayle, Wayne, Don, and Peter. I paid a deposit on an Alaska tour to be taken in June.
April 1978
Joyce and Wayne's family along with Diane, John and great grandson Jed spent four days at Lake Powell on the new house boat. It is so nice and roomy.
26th was my birthday. Joyce fixed a lovely dinner for me. Then I spent the week at Hill field with Allan, Colleen. They took me to a show. Elaine, Dee came down to see me right after I came home.
May 1978
12th was Janet's birthday. I was invited to her birthday dinner. She turned 16. She got her driver's license and was happy for that. We went to Lake Powell over memorial weekend. Gary drove my car down and that was another enjoyable trip.
June 1978
Spent a few days at Elaine and Dee's.
Kaye and her friend, Steve, came to see me on their way home from California where Kaye is employed.
I am preparing to leave on the 16th for the Alaskan trip. Shopping, leaving the house and lot in order. Mary Norton promised to take care of the lawn.
26th Returned home from Alaska after a fantastic trip (10 days).

Faye's Trip to Alaska

Notes from Alaska trip
June 16, 1978

Left Provo at 2:30. Boarded plane flight 16 Air West at 5:00 for Seattle. Arrived in Settle at 6:10. Went to the dock. Had to wait 4 hours to board the ship (under repair). There got on ship and went to bed. The ship Columbia left at 6:13 am Saturday morning 17th. Then sat in the lounge. Breakfast $2.00 (tomato juice and ham). This morning some of the group didn't know they had ladders to climb into upper bunk room. Then the ship's master called us the 38 Elderly Group. We made him apologize. We laughed.
June 17
We had an accordion player. The water today is so smooth. Beautiful. Sun set 7 to 10 pm Saturday. Waiting to cross Greens Charlotte Sound. Takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I got ill. Waves are larger now. Been smooth all the way so far. We are about 7 hours behind time because of the delay in Seattle - ship repair. Two whales were sighted. Oh! Boy I got to see the tail of a whale.
Two schools of whales were said to be on each side of the ship. We got off at Ketachin and walked around for 1 hour.
June 19
After going to bed last night I was watching out the window viewing the shops at Wrangell and Petersburg the unloading and loading of Cars, Campers, Trucks, bus. People of all ages. This morning at Juneau we toured some of the town by foot. An old mining town, much like Bingham and Park City. Bought cards. One last day on ship. I do not want to get off. I have really enjoyed the ship. We are on our way to Haines to board bus for Whitehorse. Missed the train trip this time because of the delay in Seattle. Left the Dear Ship at 4:30 pm. Boarded bus 5:00 for Whitehorse 200 miles. Arrived at 12:00 midnight.
June 20 Wednesday Burwash
Went to the museum. It was great all kinds of birds and animals. Bought some cards. Sunset tonight at 11:00 pm. Light all night. Ate breakfast in a group. Left at 7:50 for Fairbanks. 427 miles. Beaver Creek - 10:00 am. U.S.A. border. 120 miles from Burwash. Each one had home made pie. Blueberry mostly. Ice on river about 8 inches thick. My 50th wedding anniversary. A real nice motel so clean. Mary Koopman roomed with us. Her companion had to leave for home (Verdonia) from Juneau, because she received word from home that her son had passed away suddenly, so sad. We are on our way to breakfast (where?). Travel Lodge in Whitehorse. On our own until 1:00 pm. At 1:15 pm we toured the SS Klondike ship. We went through miles canyon. Stopped at the fishing ladder. It was raining so hard couldn't get out of trees. We went by way of Alean Highway. Sleep at Burwash Canada in a cottage, etc.
Little boy said to the man you are not supposed to smoke. Why? Who said? Smoky the Bear and Holy the Ghost.
Books to Read
Alaska, Oh Rugged Land of Gold.
August 14, 1967 the great flood. 6 ft of water. 5000 people stayed in the University.
June 21
Perma frost piles into ground for building. Affects the growth of trees. Eielson H.F. Base. Longest runway in the world.
Arrived at Fairbanks at 6:00 pm before we visited North Pole at 4:30 (cute). After arrived at Hotel Polaris we went shopping. Bought a jacket then went up to the 10th floor. Had Chinese dinner. A neighbor at table bought us a 7 up. Visited with us. Went to bed. Bought a jacket at Penney's in Fairbanks.
June 22
We ate lunch at a cafe run by and Eskimo family. Charley B / cheeseburgers, drink, and ice cream. Toured Barrow in bus Guide is Joe. Went to the Dance Hall and saw the Nature Dance and Sing. Displayed their wares (Very expensive), bought a yo-yo. Then watched a film on how they catch and cut up a whale. Upon our arrival we put Parkas and boots on to help us keep warm. They felt good. Walked out to the edge of the Arctic Ocean. In places the ice was piled quite high. Upon leaving the area it was snowing. Chill factor 15 below.
June 22
Ate breakfast with Merrill, Lucille, May, Leora in the Hotel Polaris. Rode the bus to the airport to fly to Pt. Barrow (top of the World). Rain, rain, every where. Overcast. 10:00 am - crossing over arctic circle. Little shark up for 1 second. Peanuts and drink on the flight. Lots of little frozen lakes. All different shapes large and small.
Pt. Barrow: Water tank 15 cents gal ice; Human waste incinerated; Eskimo gov; Natural gas for heat (50 years electric). T.V. color. Land of contrast. Supper market, grocery store.
June 29 Fairbanks
After lunch at MacDonalds visited Alaska Land Play area. Then on to the River boat and trip down the China River into the Tanana River. Stop at a fishing Village made a tour of it. Racing Dogs along the way, beautiful homes built along the way. Each home had air planes (kind that land on water and ice). In the winter the ice gets 3 ½ ft deep. This boat on the river has been in the family 81 years. The captain now has been in it for 39 years. He and his family of 6 children run it now (Beautiful). Toured around the residential area. Saw the L.D.S. church house. Two years old.
June 24 Saturday
Ate breakfast at the Star of North. The man there bought a 35 pound king Salmon in to show us. Leaving for Anchorage at 9:00 am. Moving of the State Capitol from Juneau to Willow. Ate at the pancake house. Shopped at Nordstroms. Jacket and blouses to shoes. Boarded bus 11:00. 78 lb cabbage grown on Trumanda coast. Little rain and not much snow but rained all the time while here. University Ave. 6 high schools. Pop 65,000. Pulooka tent blown up by air.

(The following newspaper article was attached to Faye's journal. No caption with date, or paper title were included).
Two local friends, Mrs. Faye B. Fechser and Leora Hanson have returned from a tour of Alaska reporting an interesting time visiting many places including the North Pole, the arctic ocean and Point Barrow were many of the Eskimos live.
Mrs. Fechser also returned home in time to join Mrs. Millie Johnson of Provo in attending a number of Fechser family activities in connection with the departure of their grandson, David Fechser to the Tokyo, Japan mission.
David is the son of USAF Lt. Col. Alan and Colleen Johnson Fechser of Hill Field. David is currently at the Language Training Mission in Provo.
Prior to his leaving home, he was honored at a family dinner in the home of his parents followed by farewell church services.
Attending the events were the grandmothers and Armando Louise Johnson Fucille and children, Anna, Tony, Michael, Steven and John; Wayne and Joyce Fechser Brown, with Gary, Don, and Janet Brown of Salt Lake City; Karen and Ken Brown Brewster, Layton; John and Diane Brown Whittaker and son Jed of Bountiful; Dee and Elaine Fechser Davis and children, Larry, Gayle, and Tome and his wife, Wendy of Salt Lake City. following services other family members and friends called at home.
Another event of interest for the Fechser family included a reunion at the Whittaker home in Bountiful which included swimming and a dinner with those mentioned attending, also Jim and Susan Fechser Waite who have vacationed here for the past month from Warrensburg, Mo.
The family visited Yellowstone Park with Mr. Waite's parents, were guests at three family reunions and spent a day or two at Lake Powell with the Wayne Browns. Jim and Susan Waite are school teachers, Jim at University of Missouri and Susan in the junior high school.
During the next two weeks, Mrs. Fechser and her family will enjoy a repeat of the former mentioned activities for a grandchild, Peggy Fechser, a sister of David, who has accepted a mission call to Spain. She will enter the LTM Sept. 7. Peggy was graduated cum laude on Friday from BYU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science.

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