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Clyde Fechser
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Letter to Ida, Norma Joyce and Joan Fechser from Grandfather J. Fred Fechser
Provo, Utah, Oct. 19, 1930

To My dear Daughter Ida
And Granddaughters Norma Joyce
And Joan Fechser,
Your Grandfather Fechser was born in Mt. Pleasant, Utah on Aug. 17, 1875. He was educated in common schools, Wasatch Academy, Salt Lake Business College and Brigham Young Academy. He followed the following occupations: assistant in flour mill, school teacher, stenographer, clerk U.S. Post Office, Salt Lake City, Clerk Constructing Quartermaster's office Fort Douglas, Clerk U.S. Forest Service; Representative International Correspondence Schools, Clerk Provo City School District.
In the L.D.S. Church he held the following offices at various times: Sunday School Teacher; President Elders Quorum Ephraim South Ward; President Y.M.M.I.A. Ephraim South Ward; Class leader Genealogical Society Provo Third Ward; President Y.M.M.I.A. Provo Third Ward. Stake Secretary Genealogical Society Utah Stake. First Councilor South Sanpete Stake Y.M.M.I.A. Have held various offices in Priesthood. At present am a High Priest.
Your grandmother Fechser and myself have always believed in education and our aim has been to give all our children a college education. We had six children and at this writing three have completed college, two others are still in school and one is on a mission for the L.D.S. Church in Paris, France.
My advice to you, dear ones is to first live up to the principles of the Gospel, and second to educate your children.
With much love from your father and grandfather
J. Fred Fechser

Letter to Joyce from Grandfather J. Fred Fechser



January 30, 1931

Miss Norma Joyce Fechser
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dearest Norma Joyce:

Grandpa and Grandma Fechser are surely happy to have you land on this earth safely. Please congratulate your papa and mama for us providing you with such an exceptionally quick airship service. Of course if you had not been in such a darn, big hurry you would not have lost so much weight. Had you landed in Utah where life does not move so fast you would have attained a decent size. But they say that precious things are done up in small parcels and we hope that you will grow into a fine, big girl that your eyes will remain blue and your hair black like your Grandad's.
Your Grandma Fechser acts like she has suddenly inherited a million dollars and one of these days I expect her to walk to Los Angeles to see you.
Faye, my dear girl, we are anxious for you welfare and pray for your rapid recovery. You are a brave, noble little MOTHER - the choicest word in the English or any other language.
By the way, dear little MOTHER, when you turn the things over does it say "Ma1 Ma!" Ha! Ha! Ha!
I just wrote you yesterday - I mean your folks - so will ring off, hoping to receive early particulars and whether or not Daddy Clyde will survive.
With bushels of love and kisses from you Utah folks.

Grandad Fechser



Name in full: John Frederick Fechser
When Born: August 17, 1875 Where Born: Mount Pleasant, Utah
Father's Name: Johann Friedrich Fechser
Mother's Maiden Name: Ida C. Johnson
Wife' Name: Florence Stewart Rogers
Children's Names: Frederick Kenneth, Clyde Isaac Rogers, James Clifford Rogers, Charles Deronda Rogers, Ida Maud Rogers

1. Vocation: (Occupations) See page 2 and 3
2. Avocation: (Hobbies) Rose culture, fishing, baseball, horse-shoe pitching, writing verse, singing, dancing, and travel.
3. Schooling: See page 3
4. Home where he has lived: Mt. Pleasant 22 years; Salt Lake City 9 years; Ephraim 5 years; Provo 35 years.
5. Travels: See page 3 and 4
6. Missions: Served for short periods of time as home missionary. Have never been called to serve in a foreign mission.
7. Other Religious Experiences: See page 4 and 5
8. Civic Work: Ward Chairman of political party; notary public; election judge; managed school elections; Director and President Utah State Public School Business Officials; Secretary-Treasurer Provo Teachers' Retirement Fund 1934 to 1941; Clerk and Treasurer, Provo City School District 1926 to 1943.
9. Important Events: See page 5
10. Best Like Books: Standard church works and publications; biographies of great men and women; novels by Charles Dickens; Charles Reads; Jack London and others. Reader's Digest; Forum and Time are my favorite magazines.
11. Family Treasures: A bound volume of genealogical records of my wife's family covering 11 generations. A brief record of my father's life.
12. Additional Data: See page below

From about 1889 to 1898 I was employed, when not in school, as Helper, Fireman and Stationery Engineer, and Assistant Bookkeeper in the Planet Flour Mills, principally owned by my father, located at Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
During the summer of 1899 I worked at placer mining on the Snake River in Idaho and railroad track grading in Idaho and Montana.
1900-1901 taught school at Mountain View, a suburb of Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
From about November 1901 to June 1902 was employed as stenographer and Assistant Bookkeeper at Crabtree Wholesale Produce Co. and J. Geo. Leyner Mining Machinery Co., Salt Lake City.
From July to September 1902 I filled a temporary position as Stenographer for the Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co. in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and a few weeks at the Big Boston Store in Salt Lake City, Utah.
October 1902 to November 1906 employed as Clerk in the Salt Lake City Post Office as a result of a Civil Service test. During this period I also served as Secretary to Postmaster Arthur L. Thomas.
From November 1906 to about April 15, 1907 was employed as stenographer and bookkeeper in the general office of the San Pete Valley Railway Company Salt Lake City, excepting for a few weeks spent in the general office of the Oregon Short Line R. R. Co.
For about twenty years, in Salt Lake City, Ephraim and Provo, I taught shorthand and typewriting in my own night-school classes. I have trained many young men and women who have been able to fill good positions in the Government service and the commercial world. Some of my students have important positions in Washington, D. C. I was one of the pioneers in teaching Gregg Shorthand, being the first Gregg shorthand teacher in the State south of Salt Lake City.
April 1908 to September 1909 employed as Bookkeeper and Collector by Taylor Bros. Co. Provo.
In September 1909, I was appointed Clerk-Stenographer in the U.S. Quartermasters Office, Fort Douglas, Utah.
April 9, 1910 to January 15, 1915 employed as Forest Clerk, Manti National Forest, Ephraim, Utah, and was transferred to Uintah National Forest, Provo, Utah where I served until 1919, after serving nine years.
July 1919 to 1925 was employed as District Manager, Inter-National Correspondence Schools, Scranton, PA.
February 1926 to September 1943 I was employed as Clerk-Treasurer of Provo School District.
1944 to October 1946 employed as Clerk (Civil Service) in Office of Ninth Service Command Headquarters, Salt Lake City, and Consolidated Property, Quartermaster Department, Clothing and Equipment Classification Division, Kearns, Utah. (Civil Service)
From about 1881 to 1888 I attended public schools in Mr. Pleasant, Utah completing all subjects taught in those near-pioneer days. I became especially proficient in reading, spelling and penmanship. I was the lone survivor of several spelling contests.
During one or two winter seasons I studied bookkeeping at night schools in Mt. Pleasant.
After the school years 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 I attended L D. S. Seminary in Mt. Pleasant where religious and high school subjects were taught.
About the years 1893 to 1895 I attended Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant where I pursued high school subjects.
During the summer of 1900 I attended Teacher's Institute in Manti, Utah, to receive teacher's training.
From May to November 1901 I specialized in Gregg Shorthand and typewriting at the Salt Lake Business College, Salt Lake City, Utah.
In addition to the above, I have studied advertising and salesmanship with the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, PA.
I visited Yellowstone National Park in 1899 and was fortunate to see the Giant Geyser play as well as Old Faithful and others. In those days the Giant Geyser play once in eight days, spouting a large volume of boiling hot water 250 feet into the air. I wrote a description of my visit to this (then) wild country which was published in the Provo Enquirer and in the B.Y.U. "White and Blue".
I have attended four week-long National Conventions of Public School Business Officials held in the following cities: Denver, Colorado, 1928; Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1935; St. Louis, Mo., 1937, and Detroit, Michigan in 1940. On my trip to Minneapolis, I received information which saved Provo School District $2800.00.
I have also visited Bryce and Zion Canyons and Boulder Dam in Nevada. In 1938, I visited California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco and other large cities. Mrs. Fechser accompanied me on all but the Denver trip. We were royally entertained and taken on sight-seeing tours to he most important points of interest. We visited Chicago, Milwaukee, Windsor, Canada; Independence, Mo; Carthage and Nauvoo, Illinois; and Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. My travels have taken me into 17 states and one foreign country.
Baptized and confirmed August 16, 1882; Ordained a Deacon; Ordained a Priest; Ordained an Elder June 18, 1902 by Apostle George Teasdale. Ordained a Seventy December 16, 1913 by Elder Joseph W. McMurrin; Ordained a High Priest December 11, 1927 by Elder John Johnson.
I am unable to give dates in many cases, but I have served as Secretary and Class Leader in various organizations; Class Instructor in Priesthood Quorums, Sunday Schools, Young Men's Mutual Improvement Associations and Genealogy organizations and as Ward Teacher for many years in every community in which I have lived. Have also served as Second Counselor and First Counselor in Utah Stake Genealogy Association.
Served as Ward Clerk, Provo Third Ward, from May 1908 to September 1909, when I moved out of the Ward.
While residing in Ephraim, Utah, I served as Class Leader, as Second Counselor, and later as First Counselor in the Y.M.M.I.A. This was in 1910, 1911, and 1912. In 1912 and 1913, I was President of the Y.M.M.I.A. in Ephraim South Ward. I also served as President of the Elder's Quorum in the South Ward of Ephraim in 1912 and 1913. I was then appointed First Assistant in the South Sanpete Stake Y.M.M.I.A., but served only a few weeks because of moving back to Provo.
In 1917, I served as President of the Y.M.M.I.A. in Provo Third Ward after first having served as First Counselor in 1916.
I was a member of ward choirs for about 35 years and have also been a member of various chorus and male quartet groups. For many years I was a member of the Provo Third Ward Missionary Committee.
In 1940, I was appointed Group Leader of the Provo Third Ward High Priest's Quorum.
October 11, 1942 appointed Second Counselor in Utah Stake High Priest's organization.
1896 and 1897, served in Utah National Guard, Company C, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
I have received fifteen U. S. Civil Service appointments in the following states: Washington, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, California, and Washington, D. C. These appointments were all declined except five in Utah, namely: U. S. Postal Service, Salt Lake City; Constructing Quartermaster's Office, War Department, Fort Douglas, Utah; U. S. Forest Service, Ephraim and Provo, Utah; Headquarters, Ninth Service Command, Salt Lake City, and Consolidating Properties, Q. M. Div., Kearns, Utah.
I believe my greatest achievements in life, with the assistance of my good wife, have been the goal of giving each of my children a college education and sending one of them on a foreign mission. All of my six children have attended college; five of the six children completed college; one has a master's degree in art; another has completed a course in law since leaving college, and another is studying accounting leading to a C.P.A. degree. My daughter has furthered her musical education since leaving college. All are active members of the L.D.S. Church.
Had my first airplane trip September 30, 1946, flying from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Nev. And returning Oct. 2, 1946.
In January 1947, I traveled by air from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City.


PROVO - Funeral services for John Frederick Fechser, 77, 371 N. 4th West, who died Saturday, will be conducted Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Provo Third Ward Chapel, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, by Ralph Fletcher, bishop.

Friends may call at the Quist-Fairbanks Funeral Home Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m. and at the family residence Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to time of funeral. Burial will be in Provo City Burial Park.

Former clerk of the Provo School District Mr. Fechser taught school at Mountain View, near Mt. Pleasant, and later worked as a bookkeeper and stenographer for various times. From 1902 to 1906 he was a clerk in the Salt Lake City post office.

He married Florence Stewart Rogers, June 18, 1902 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple.

Fred Fechser Ex-Clerk of School, Dies - Newspaper Article

John Frederick Fechser, 77, former clerk of the Provo School District, died early Saturday morning at his home, 371 N. 4th W. in Provo.

Mr. Fechser, a well-known resident of the city was born Aug. 17, 1875 Mt. Pleasant, son of John Friedrich Fechser and Ida C. Johnson.

Mr. Fechser lived at Mt. Pleasant for 22 years. After attending the Mt. Pleasant schools he was a student at Brigham Young at the Salt Lake Business College, specializing in business subjects. In addition, he studied advertising and salesmanship with the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pa.

He married Florence Stewart Rogers June 18, 1902 in the Salt Lake LDS temple.

He taught school at Mountain View, near Mt. Pleasant, and later worked as a bookkeeper and stenographer for various firms. From 1902 to 1906 he was a clerk in the Salt Lake City post office and secretary to the postmaster.

For 20 years, in Salt Lake City, Ephraim and Provo, he taught shorthand and typewriting in his own night school classes. One of the pioneers in teaching Gregg Shorthand, he was the first Gregg teacher in the state south of Salt Lake City.

He held a number of other positions for business firms until February 1926 when he was employed as a clerk-treasurer of the Provo City School District. He held this post until September 1943.

An active member of the LDS Church, Mr. Fechser was a high priest in the Third Ward of Provo at the time of his death. He filled many positions of leadership in the various priesthood and auxillary organizations of the church. He ... of the Provo Third Ward from .... 1908 to September 1909. ... served as president of .... in the Third ward. He was a member of ward choirs for about ... yeas and sang also in various choruses and male quartets. For many years he was a member of the Third Ward missionary committee. In 1940 he was appointed group leader of the Third Ward High Priests Quorum and in 1942 was named second counselor in the Utah Stake High Priests organization.

He served in the Utah National Guard, Company C, Mt. Pleasant in 1896 and 1897. During his life he received 15 U.S. civil service appointments.

Surviving Mr. Fechser are his widow and four of his six children. Dr. Frederick Kenneth Fechser, Salt Lake City; Clyde Isaac Rogers Fechser, Midvale; J. Rogers Fechser, Alhambra, Cal., and Ida Maud Rogers Fechser, Provo; 18 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, one brother, Hyrum ... Cal., and sisters Mrs. Ella Jensen, Mt. Pleasant, and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Hansen, Salt Lake City.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the Provo Third Ward Chapel, with Bishop Ralph Fletcher officiating.

Burial will be in the Provo City Cemetery. Friends may call ... Quist-Fairbanks Funeral Home.


John C. Fechser, John Federick's son - Newspaper Article

"Many Attend Fechser Rites"

Friends and associates of John C. Fechser, 20, promising B.Y.U. student who died suddenly Thursday evening, paid tribute to the high esteem in which he was held at impressive funeral services held Sunday at the Third ward Chapel.

Bishop A.E. Eves was in charge of the services and the speakers were Dr. Vasco Tanner, President F. S. Harris, J. Clifton Moffitt, H. A. Dixon and President T. N. Taylor.

The chapel was filled to overflowing, many people being unable to gain admission to the services. B.Y.U. students and younger associates of the departed were well represented in the congregation.

Dr. Tanner who has been associated with young Fechser during the past three years, was the first speaker. It was with great difficulty that Dr. Tanner retold some of the incidents that took place during the past summer when he and Fechser were associated on a biological excursion at various lakes in the state.

He told of Fechser's ambition to prepare himself for a life of service and characterized him as an exemplary, capable student.

"John Fechser was a young scientist whose conspicuous devotion to duty would gladden the heart of any teacher" declared Dr. F. S. Harris, president of the Brigham Young University.

"He was an ideal young student possessed of the right balance, a genial young man with a kindly smile, and a personality that always made one feel happier to meet".

J. Clifton Moffitt, principal of the Provo High school, who was associated with Fechser in ward priesthood work paid tribute to the remarkable character of the young man to his indomitable drive and will to do. He said John was an asset to the ward which would be difficult to replace.

"John was an Eagle among Eagles," read a tribute by the Boy Scouts of America which was read by H. A. Dixon. The speaker declared that the life of John Fechser was an example of what a good environment, a good home, school, and church coupled with individual application can do to produce great manhood.

President T. N. Taylor, an uncle of the deceased, was deeply touched over the suddenness of Fechser's passing.

After reading a passage from the New Testament concerning the promises of a resurrection President Taylor paid tribute to the remarkable personality of John Fechser.

"John never failed. I don't think I ever knew of a young man with greater self control. His most outstanding trait to my mind was his unwavering dependability. He never Failed."

In closing Bishop Eves, speaking for the family, expressed appreciation for the comfort and assistance rendered by the public in connection with the preparation for the services.

The opening and closing numbers were sung by the Relief Society choir. A trio composed of Betty Madsen, Donna and Metta Ritchie, accompanied by Agnes Farrer rendered two selections. Ann Clayson played a violin solo, "Perfect Day".

The opening prayer was by E. F. Larsen and the benediction was pronounced by Arthur D. Taylor.

Internment was in the family plot in the Provo City cemetery.


Charles Fechser, John Federick's son - Newspaper Article

"Fechser Funeral is Set for Wednesday at LDS Church"

Funeral Services will be held at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Latter Day Saints church, 501 South Ninth Street, for Charles "Chuck" Fechser, 38, prominent Las Vegas business man who was found dead in the back seat of his automobile Sunday night. Fechser had been in good health until last December, when it was learned he had a heart condition.

Bishop Thomas L. Adams of the first ward will conduct the services.

Following rites here, remains will be sent to Fechser's home town, Provo, Utah, for internment.

Fechser''s history in south Nevada dates back to 1931 when he first arrived in Boulder (from his home in Provo, to become a government employee). He married Magdalene ...they entered business in Boulder City with Bert Smith, operating the Smith root beer stand.

Fechser then went to work the Rancho Grande creamery in Las Vegas and later went into partnership with Everett Thomas in the Green Shack.

Included also in his business interests here was Chick's (... on South Fifth street) which he operated until purchasing Railroad Pass Casino with two partners.

During 1942 and 1943, he served the army as a corporal and upon receiving his discharge returned to Las Vegas to continue operation of the Railroad Pass Casino and also took over the lease of the Monte Carlo Club and opened the bar and casino at the Cortez Hotel. He also owned Elisabeth apartments in Provo.

Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Magdalene Fechser; two daughters, Leslie, 12 and Lynn, 10; three sons, Key 15, John, 16, and Charles, Jr., 5; three brothers, Roger of Los Angeles, California; Kenneth of Salt Lake City, Utah and Clyde of Provo; one sister, Ida, of Provo and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred John Fechser, also of Provo.

Arrangements were completed at the Bunker Brothers mortuary.

John Fredrick

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