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Clyde Fechser
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While laboring as a missionary in Boise Idaho with Elders Nephi Hepworth of Woods Cross and William Christensen of Serling Canada, we were called upon to administer to an infant at the home of Sister Bruno.

Sister Bruno was known by many as the "mormon baby nurse". Upon our arrival at the home she informed us that two of the best doctors in the city had attended the child. The left eye of the baby was very seriously infected and was full of pus. The disease had eaten around the eyeball and it had fallen out upon the baby's cheek on two different occassions. The disease had also began to affect the right eye. The doctors examined the child and reported that the sight of the left eye was entirely gone.

They recommended that the left eye be removed in order to save the sight of the right eye. Sister Bruno insisted that the child's father be counseled before the operation could be undertaken. The doctors left. After they were gone Sister Bruno called upon us to administer to the child. I told them that we must not only use faith but that we must also fast and pray in order to obtain the blessings which we sought. We then administered to the child.

Later the same night Elder Christensen and I returned to Sister Bruno's home and administered again to the baby. Upon removing our hands from the baby's head it tried to open its eyes but it was unable to do so because of their swollen condition. The next morning the eyes were open and appeared to be as bright as ever. When the doctors returned they were surprised at the sudden improvement in the child's eyes. They examined the baby's eyes and reported that the eyesight was perfectly normal.

Dr B. then asked Sister Bruno what she had done to cause the change. She replied that she had washed the eyes in salt water as they directed. He insisted that she had surely done more than that as such a change could not of taken place in less than ten days. He also said that the recovery was a miracle. She then told him what we had done. Dr. B. Said he also believed in prayer.

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